KlipC focuses on innovating the financial services industry for retail traders and medium sized firms through technology. We provide financial aggregation, risk management, multi-account management and strategy development through user-friendly infrastructure. Our aim is to level the playing field for the small players and making markets more efficient.

Our clients include retail investors, traders, strategy developers, risk managers, introducing brokers and more.

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Our clients

Retail investors


Strategy developers

Risk managers

Introducing brokers


And more...

Corporate culture

We value team collaboration across the company.

This means not just internally but also with all our users and partners. The key to improvement in the financial technology industry is to learn from each other and innovate solutions that makes everyone’s job easier. KlipC’s work culture is cultivated upon integrity, passion and dedication for finance and technology.

Our team

Our team of experts have over 20 years of experience in trading and financial engineering and development. Great people are hard to find in the fintech industry and we pride ourselves in having many. We all come from diverse backgrounds from all over the world but we have one goal in common, and that is to build a more efficient and transparent infrastructure for retail participants of the capital markets.

Nana Naumovic

Chairman & CEO

Andi Duan

Managing Director

Fran Z.

Internal Controls

Philip Nucci

Chief Technology Officer

Ruslan K

Chief Technology Officer

Major G

Chief Technology Officer

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