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Data protection.Internal control.Network testslssue reports.Traffic monitoring

Data protection

KlipC is protected with SSL encryption that encrypts all sensitive data tat transit over our network. It s the secure way to send data between your browser and server.

Internal control

We enforce role based access controls for all employees of our company and they are enforced in every layer of our technology infrastructure. All user access logs and functions are stored and monitored on a daily basis.

Network tests

KlipC conducts network tests daily to ensure that bandwidth and operational effectiveness is being upheld y our IT security team. We also employ outside auditors to ensure independence.

Issue reports

If and when our user find a security issue when using KlipC, please submit a a report to our internal control team at better@klipc.com or contact our support directly.

Traffic monitoring

We only allow website and portal requests through HTTPS and TLS Protocols. Our communication between portal and our Core API are all transmitted over encrypted channels.

If you have questions,please contact us

: better@klipc.com

: better@klipc.com

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