Cross platform account management on the KlipC cloud allows you to run EAs and other strategies without switching back and forth.

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Added protection and security

Set up passwords for internal account management without displaying them to the general public.

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Broker costs comparison

Execute one strategy amongst multiple brokers and calculate costs, allowing you to make better decisions when trading and choosing a broker.

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Cross platform account management

  • One dashboard

    One interface to manage all sub-accounts

  • Parameters

    Set up copy trading conditions

  • Lots

    Set up copy trading based amount fixed lots

  • Percentage

    Set up copy trading based on percentage

  • Choose accounts

    Choose the accounts you want to manage

  • Management fees

    See the management fees for the signal

Password protection

  • Setup password

    Set up password for internal account management

  • Protection

    Protect your strategies with added security

  • Hidden

    Do not display the strategies you do not want

Broker costs

  • Execution price

    See execution prices for all your managed accounts

  • Swaps

    Compare overnight swaps for all brokers

  • Execution time

    See execution and market time for your brokers

  • Delay

    Monitor delays in execution

Say goodbye to PAMM, MAM, VPS and other local machine based account management systems