Retail Investors testimonials

Jacky Brown

Using KlipC has allowed me to better manage my investments giving me one dashboard to view everything.

Bonnie Chen

With KlipC, I can see which brokers have higher commissions, allowing me to make better choices.

Igor Eldborn

I am finding some strategies that definitely fit my risk appetite on KlipC!

Lloyd Goldstein

Its amazing how many brokers are available on KlipC!

How KlipC helps retail investors

Issue at hand

All retail investors demand more knowledge and aggregation tools when it comes to financial planning. Currently retail investors spend way too much time on reviewing, calculating and choosing their investments.

Our solution

KlipC consolidates financial data from all investment sources to retail users , categorizing investments based on type , time and profitability, making it easy to view for users from all backgrounds.

Product Benefits

Aggregate all your assets

Gain insight into all your trading and assets in the consolidated form. Instead of logging into multiple accounts, KlipC aggregates all your financial into one secure back-office

Make right risk decisions

Understand the importance of risk for you, transform from a passive investor to an active investor who is equipped with the adequate financial knowledge. Be more confident when making investment choices.

Discover trading strategies

Depending on your risk appetite, KlipC’s ecosystem offers risk averse and risk seeking strategies globally. Discover automated, algorithmic, fundamental and technical strategies.

How is your trading?

All your trading reports compiled in easy to understand formats to let you know your actual costs in commissions, swaps, execution and more. Historical equity charts allows you to know your real swings in the market.

Making it happen

Adding accounts

Add your accounts through PC or mobile in 5 easy steps. KlipC offers multiple platforms integrated with 6000+ global brokers. For users who want to learn financial aggregation without actual accounts, we offer integration with demo accounts as well.

Seeing your data

View your positions, costs and profit & loss based on brokers or instrument. KlipC data is streamed real time and updates constantly, letting you stay up to date with current market movements.


Find the right strategies depending on your financial situation. If you are risk averse, filter through KlipC strategies with low draw-downs. Favorite your strategies and see their daily changes.