Understand your investments

Link your accounts and gain insight into all your assets, including account balances, equity, transactions and existing positions.

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Expansive brokerage coverage

KlipC covers thousands of brokers and banks globally covering currency.

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Consolidate investment data

Pull directly through our API data including profit&loss, equity, balance and margin in a consolidated form.

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We do not discriminate against any account types of brokers. Whether you are a small investor or an experienced trader, KlipC allows integration to any account types and provides the same level of tools and resources.

Link and consolidate account data

  • Choose platform type

    Choose the platform that your broker uses

  • Seek broker

    Search through over 6000+ brokers

  • Enter credentials

    Link your account with your credentials

  • Define login type

    You can connect both demo and live accounts(investor or trading)

  • Connect

    Connections usually take 3-5 seconds depending on connection

Expansive data coverage

  • Clear dashboard

    Very all your assets clearly

  • Summary P/L

    Consolidated P/L for for accounting purposes

  • Closed P/L

    How much have you profited from closed trades?

  • Usable Margin

    Your margin metrics displayed accurately

  • Balance

    Balance/equity for all your accounts

Consolidate investment data

  • Daily P/L for accounts

    Daily profit and losses per account

  • Hide & Show accounts

    Display only the accounts you want to see

  • Visible charting system

    Visualize your gains through charts

  • Summary positions

    Net positions for all your accounts displayed

  • Summary positions

    Net positions for all your accounts displayed