Using the most accurate historical financial data, backtest your performance to see

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In-depth financial metrics

Ratios based on volume, P/L, holding time, periods calculated through regression anlaysis

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Historical performance through charts

  • Adjustable calender

    Choose the period of your backtest

  • Equity curve

    See how your account fared through historical equity

  • Deposits/withdrawals

    See all in/out transactions

  • Instruments traded

    Backtest strategy based on instruments

  • Balance

    Balance since inception

  • Total P/L

    Net gains and losses for account

  • Volume

    Historical volume based on market fluctuations

Measuring data the right way

  • Dates

    Define your most profitable days

  • Equity fluctuation

    See how your equity changed including historical open positions

  • ROI

    Your rate of return including all in/out transactions

  • Drawdown

    Your maximum draw-down based on equity

  • Holding period

    How often the strategy holds positions

  • P/L per order

    Max/Min profit/loss per order

  • P/L per lot

    Averaged profit/loss per lot

  • Ratios

    Multiple risk assessment ratios developed by KlipC

  • Major gains/losses

    Assess risk based on max/min ratios on profit/loss

Multi account interface allows you to analyze why your strategies succeeded or failed during customized periods