Accounts use KlipC to consolidate multiple reports

Issue at hand

Accountants spend large amounts of time gathering, compiling and consolidating data. More time should be spent on analysis, modeling and forecasting.

Our solution

KlipC consolidates individual accounts and data for all your clients in a single solution in real time, allowing you to spend more time to drill down on all the “whys” in decision making.

User Benefits

Data driven

Our skill and expertise is to turn data into meaningful information and have it ready for you at all times. We have implemented reporting requirements based on product and broker differences.

Cost/profit analysis

As accountants, its important to know every component of your business cost, such as overnight swaps, spread and commission. Use data to adjust your operational model.

Better than excel

Say goodbye to importing data to excel, learning functions and trying to model forecasts and future growth.

Embrace technology

Embrace the technological tools that make accounting easier and leave manual systems behind.

Making it happen

Diverse functions

Predict earnings growth, identify client trends and track profit dynamics. Use compiled reports make profitable decisions.

Corporate governance

Source data directly from clients’ trading platforms demonstrates accountability and excellent governance on the accountant’s part both internally and externally allowing you to stand out in the competition.

Deliver reports to partners and clients

Simply download daily , weekly or monthly financial reports , tailor them and deliver them to your associates. Empower your business china immediately.