Jackson Patel

KlipC’s CPAM system allows me to manage multiple accounts across different brokers

Penny Lo

I no longer have to use the old MAM, PAMM and other account management systems that require massive amount of resources

How KlipC saves time for money managers

Issue at hand

Multi-account management is a cumbersome task for money managers because clients have investment accounts across many different brokers and platforms.

Our solution

KlipC’s advanced Cross Platform Account Management(CPAM) system allows you to manage accounts across thousands of platform guaranteeing fast execution with minimal delay time.

Product Benefits


The traditional PAMM/MAM system requires that all clients belong to one broker. Our CPAM system does not limit the type and number of brokers. Go in a matter of seconds.

Cloud interface

All your managed accounts in one interface on the cloud. Get rid of unnecessary applications that take up memory and complex installations. The KlipC cloud is accessible anywhere at anytime.

API bridge

KlipC’s leading technology delivers to you a proprietary bridge built on top of Python and .Net framework.

Comprehensive details

Easy to view and straight to the point. View concise or detailed information for all your managed accounts, match orders and be notified when any changes happen.

Making it happen

Set up your strategy

Determine the account that will serve as the master account for all your sub accounts. Import this account and set up an internal management password. Monitor this account careful.

Upgrade your membership

Depending on the number of followers, you my choose to use KlipC’s basic membership or upgrade to our institutional level allowing for unlimited accounts and diverse functions.

Bulk import accounts

Have investors open accounts on their own or import all their trading accounts by bulk into KlipC into your very own back office. Make sure all accounts are connected before trading happens.

Interactive photo of KlipC CPAM system