Closed reports

Detailed reports for all your different brokerage trading accounts

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Summary reports

Consolidated reports allow you to know exactly where you stand

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Instrument reports

P/L based on investment products allow you to see which products are profitable and not

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Deposit/withdraw reports

Retrieve up to 36 months of in/out transactions from all your brokers, delivered in a seamless fashion

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Rebate/Commission rebates

Stay up-to-date on how much commissions/ rebates you have made categorized based on brokers, platform and in a consolidated manner

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Earnings based on products

Presenting a breakdown or your profits and losses based on instruments, know which instruments you lost money investing and vice versa

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Closed reports on demand

  • Choose duration

    Select the time you want to run reports for

  • Broker

    Run reports based on broker

  • Account

    Run reports based on accounts

  • Volume

    How many volume your accounts have traded

  • Prices

    Compare prices for all your executed trades

  • Swaps

    How much overnight swaps were charged

  • Profit

    Your net profit per trade

  • Summary

    Summary of your closed P/L data

Summarize your trading

  • Type of investments

    See what sectors you are exposed to

  • Total costs

    Total commissions/rebates of your trades

  • Summary P/L

    Summarize your gains

  • Floating P/L

    Total gain from your open positions

  • Overall position

    All positions for your selected accounts

Segregated P/L based on instruments

  • Instruments

    Clear display of all your traded products

  • P/L based on instruments

    KlipC AI recognizes all instruments(even if name is different)

  • Volume per instrument

    Which traded products generated the most volume

  • Swaps based on instruments

    Overnight costs based on product and broker

All in/out transactions delivered precisely

  • Transaction type

    in or out

  • Amount

    The amount of your transactions

  • Date

    Dates of all your transactions

  • Broker

    Broker of transactions

  • Account

    The account of transaction

  • Total Summary

    Summary of all your in/out transactions

How much are you earning from your introducing broker business?

  • Commissions

    Your all income

  • Customized rebates

    Customize your rebate levels for all products

  • Total earnings

    See monthly earnings from all your clients

What are your clients trading?

  • Instrument commissions

    See which products generate you the most commissions

  • Instrument rebates

    Better display for brokers who have variable rebates

  • Summarized earnings

    All your earnings from inception

Know exactly where, why and what you are profiting from, make the proper adjustments and increase profitability. Compare rebates, swaps and other costs that brokers may be offsetting to you.