Doug Sonin

KlipC allows me to use Python to program strategies without limitations

Mingwen Chen

I don’t have learn platform languages such as MQL now to write scripts to aid my trading.

Use Python to upgrade your strategy coding

Issue at hand

Financial engineers are rare to come by. The fact that developers are required learn platform languages prohibit many great traders to become programmers and implementing their trading systems in an efficient way.

Our solution

KlipC allows developers to access a cloud development environment where they can make API calls with Python. Experienced developers will appreciate our libraries and compatibility while junior developers will have access to code samples shared through the community.

Product Benefits

Developer resources

KlipC offers tutorials, guides and libraries that are simple, secure and quick to implement. Let our API facilitate the trading process once your strategy is fully developed.

Open API

The key to complete transparency and efficiency is sharing. While the ultimate decision is up to you, KlipC hosts an environment that promotes learning and growing together.

Robust documentation

Regularly updated documentation libraries provide our users applications, sample codes that streamline the entire development.

Main features

Event driven

Determine the account that will serve as the master account for all your sub accounts. Import this account and set up an internal management password. Monitor this account careful.

Support, installation and deployment

KlipC’s development environment depends on Python libraries such as pytz, matplotlib, pandas, quantdsl, Numpy, Scipy, requests, dateutil and QuantPy.

Ready to execute

From your strategy, through KlipC, directly to the broker’s platform for instant execution. Our developers no longer need to convert their strategies into platform-based languages.